4th Of July Sprinkles

4th Of July Sprinkles

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Limited edition!

COLOR: Red, white and Holo
TYPE:  multi shape mix. Hex and stars

Solvent resistant 
Cosmetic grade 

• compatible with all nail enhancement system
•Dab on your nail design with a brush or use a twizer on the desire areas. 
•Use it to add accents to your Gel/acrylic designs

The Blue or Red glaze Gel polish
Red and Royal Gel polish 
Frosting Gel Polish
The Gem collection 
Wishing stars

Our sprinkles come in a 10gm Jar that is easy to maintain organized within your Dulce collection. Due to the different sizes, colors and materials some jars might look fuller than others.

 * Please note there may be a slight difference in color due to device screen settings. 

Due to the nature of the products we sell, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.