ARTYgel - Gold
ARTYgel - Gold
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ARTYgel - Gold

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New multi purpose gel paint formula - Gold

  • Extreme pigment
  • Intricate detail
  • Soak off
  • Full nail coverage
  • Natural nail enhancement
  • suitable for chromes, glitters, dusts and foils
  • Hema free
  • One coat

Apply THIN TO WIN on top of your base layer. We recommend 1-2 layers applied with a gel brush. The first layer soaking into the tacky layer of your base may not be 100% tack free. Apply another thin second layer of your ARTYgel for a tack free finish. For extra protection we recommend to finish with a layer of top coat. TIP: Stir the product before full nail coverage, this wakes up the ingredients and allows the product to flow easier. For detailed work you may prefer the product to be more firm, if so do not stir before application. For best application results we recommend applying over a buffed or cleansed surface (using Magpie PREP & DEHYDRATE) of structure gel or builder gel.


Before applying remove the tacky layer from your strengthening or structure product with Magpie PREP & DEHYDRATE. To help adhesion we recommend buffing the shine from any surface with a 240 buffer before application. Dust and wipe with Magpie PREP & DEHYDRATE before applying your Magpie ARTYgel, remember THIN TO WIN!

Magpie ARTYgel colors have been formulated with perfect consistency which does not run, it enables you to control easily and around the cuticle for a close on point application for full nail coverage and intricate artwork for maximum jaw dropping effects.

The formulation of this product is highly pigmented, applying too thick will lead to uncured product and possibly service breakdown. 


Detail always needs to be applied thinly. You can flash cure to set your design and continue with more detail. Always finish your masterpiece with a final full cure of 60 seconds LED LAMP.


•Apply a layer of clear GIVE ME STRENGTH over the entire nail. 

•Once cured cleanse thoroughly with Magpie PREP & DEHYDRATE. Double cleanse with PREP & DEHYDRATE to ensure all the tacky layer is fully removed.

•Paint your design in your chosen Magpie ARTYgel color.

•Cure for 30 seconds LED LAMP

•Using a chrome applicator or silicone tool add a small amount of chrome dust and work into your design. Little goes a long way!

•Dust any excess away with your Magpie Soft Duster Brush.

•Finish the cure for a further 30seconds.

•For design on the tip of the nail gently file the free edge of the nail with a 240 zebra or file.

•Dust the nail again, add a layer of GIVE ME STRENGTH. Remember to cap the free edge.

•Cure and finish with your chosen top coat.



 Glitter/Metallic GOLD - TACK FREE