Build Me Up Bottled - Blush

Build Me Up Bottled - Blush

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Magpie BUILD ME UP Builder Gel - Blush is a semi - sheer pale pink.

Build Me Up bottled is a thinner formula of the SAME Build Me Up Pot you love!

A super strong lightweight builder gel AKA Magpie Give Me Strength's stronger sister! Allows you to create long & super strong yet flexible enhancements or overlays with effortless application and ease. Magpie Primer is not required, but optional.


  • Build Me Up, bottled (BMUB)- This self leveling gel cures like a hard gel with the option to soak off when necessary. This formula is considered baseless, which means it doesn't necessarily require a base coat. When needed, we suggest using Get a Grip as the base coat. This gel can be soaked off ONLY IF necessary. (soak off is not recommended) Available in clear and colored options. (HEMA FREE)
    • To apply as a structured builder gel:
      • Option 1 - apply 1 juicy layer of BMUB, allow to self level and cure for 60 seconds. Continue the manicure with your Magpie Gel Colors.
      • Option 2 - apply a wet layer of BMUB, followed by a generous bead. Allow the bead to melt into the wet layer, encouraging the gel into place with the bristles. Once happy with the gel placement, cure for 60 seconds. 

Reasons we love Magpie BUILD ME UP (BMU)

  • 🖤Baseless - no need for base coat
  • 🖤HEMA Free
  • 🖤Incredible adhesion - no need for primer
  • 🖤Ideal as a gel polish base coat
  • 🖤Create strong enhancements using forms or tips
  • 🖤Cures strong like hard gel or acrylic
  • 🖤5 shades available (CLEAR, CLOUD, BLUSH, NAKED, BUFF)
  • 🖤Chip & lift resistant
  • 🖤100% Gel
  • 🖤Self leveling
  • 🖤3 weeks + wear 
  • 🖤60 second cure in the Magpie Lamp
  • 🖤This is a soak off gel product, however, we recommend infilling this product as a typical hard gel enhancement

Magpie Gels are formulated with the highest quality, adhere to the strict EU regulations and are fully manufactured in the UK.

Magpie Gels are 100% pure gel which offers more durability without any of issues that come from hybrid gel polishes. 

Magpie Gel benefits include:

  • does not dry or thin the natural nail
  • excellent adhesion (no aggressive nail prep or filing needed)
  • beautiful creamy texture applies easily and does not run into the cuticle
  • curved bristles to aid application near the eponychium
  • 60 second LED cure, 2 minute UV cure
  • cures in a UV or LED lamp
  • easy and fast removal with acetone
  • long shelf life if stored correctly, making it easy to use until the last drop
  • 15ml each

 Due to the nature of the products we sell, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.