China - Compact Pigment

China - Compact Pigment

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China - is a compact pigment.


Basic application methods:

*  Apply your base color of choice and cure.

*  Rub the dry powder into the tacky layer of gel using the Magpie Teal Detailer brush          *  Rub the dry powder onto the dry layer of Magpie Velvet Top

*  Apply 1 layer of Magpie TOP IT OFF or DON'T BE TACKY. Ensure you use a NO                  WIPE top coat.

*  Mix pigment with Magpie Give Me Strength to create custom color

*  Mix pigments into Magpie Plain Jane to create custom pastel colors

*  Cap with a layer of Magpie GIVE ME STRENGTH (make sure you seal the free edge) and cure.

*  Finish with a layer of your favorite TOP COAT.

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