Podoexpert Dry To Cracked Skin Foam SAMPLE

Podoexpert Dry To Cracked Skin Foam SAMPLE

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Ideal sample size to give to clients post pedicure!

  • Elite, evidence-based formulation for dry, cracked and heavily callused skin 
  • Closes the gaps in the protective skin barrier
  • FDA cleared; results backed by clinical journal publications

Additional Details:

  • Nourishes and protects the skin with an intensive supply of patented LIPO2 “biomimetic” (skin-equivalent) lipids and moisturizing elements
  • NON-OCCLUSIVE! Forms a breathable, protective mesh that keeps out germs, dirt and allergens while letting skin sweat and function normally
  • NON-GREASY! Socks and clothing can be put on immediately after application; not greasy or slippery on skin and floors like traditional creams &  lotions
  • No artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives
  • Ideal for use between the toes
  • Contains Urea for optimal moisturization

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