I'm Always Right UV/LED Glitter Gel
I'm Always Right UV/LED Glitter Gel

I'm Always Right UV/LED Glitter Gel

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I'm Always Right is a blue winter shade with a silver and grey glitter with twinkles of holographic crystals throughout. Fine to medium glitter sizes that are soft and sweet with just the right amount of loud, complementing a wide range of looks.

I'm Always Right UV/LED Glitter Gel, 17 ml.

✅  4+ Week Wear

✅  100% HEMA-Monomer FREE!

✅  Manufactured responsibly in Redmond, Oregon

✅  Apply over Lexy Line Hard Gels, JimmyGel or Acrylic

✅  Highly pigmented for incredible coverage

✅  4+ seasonal collections keep you on-trend

  1. LE Color Gels can be applied over JimmyGel, hard gel and acrylic surfaces
  2. Using the Slip Layer technique, brush one thin coat of LE Color Gel over the entire nail bed
  3. Cap the free edge
  4. Cure for 1-minute in the LEDdot or LEDMiniDot
  5. If a more opaque appearance is desired, apply another color coat and cure as instructed
  6. A top coat is required when using LE Color Gels. Apply Super Shiny or Top Gloss for perfect shine, or Flat Matte for a fun matte look, and cure as directed

Coverage: Opaque
Effect: Glitter

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