Marshmallow ButterCream Color Gel
Marshmallow ButterCream Color Gel

Marshmallow ButterCream Color Gel

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A semi-sheer, milky white shade. Perfect for milky overlays or nail art and famous for softening a baby boomer design. 

Coverage: Opaque
Effect: Flat/Cream

Marshmallow ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml

  1. ButterCream can be applied over JimmyGel, hard gel and acrylic surfaces. Make sure to apply ButterCream over a well structured, smoothly buffed and shaped enhancement using any gel brush. Make sure to keep your application extremely thin
  2. Cure for 1-minute in the LEDdot or LEDMiniDot
  3. If desired, apply a second thin coat of ButterCream for a bolder, brighter look
  4. Apply Super Shiny or Top Gloss for perfect shine, or Flat Matte for a fun matte look, and cure as directed

LE ButterCream combine gorgeous coverage, thin application and the ability to create detailed line artwork all in one.

✅  100% HEMA Monomer Free

✅  Formulated and Made in USA

✅  4+ Week Wear

✅  Beautiful and easy application for faster services

✅  Apply ButterCream over JimmyGel, Lexy Line Hard Gel or Acrylic

✅  Thin application makes color removal fast and easy using a hand or eFile for effortless fills

✅  Apply ButterCream to a fully structured nail

✅  Comprehensive color selection containing everything from classic nudes and neutrals to trendy, neon colors perfect to match your client


ButterCream is very opaque, so take advantage for elegant, thin nails


Yes, ButterCreams are perfect for nail art! Pro Tip: Use your BC right out of the jar for a thicker viscosity, or lightly agitate the gel with your brush to create a thinner viscosity for thin overlays


ButterCreams do not add strength to the nail, it must be applied to a fully structured, finished nail for color or nail art only. Think of applying BC as thin as a single sheet of paper

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