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Pedi + Debulk Kit

Pedi + Debulk Kit

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Quickly reduce thick callus, cracked heels and thin down toenails with this dry pedicure kit! Can be used on dry skin or in combination with Podoexpert Callus Softener.

  • Pedicure Torch (coarse/extra coarse) - exfoliates & smooths skin
  • Pedicure Sphere Carbide - reduces thickness & debulk heel cracks, corns
  • Pedicure Tapered Barrel Carbide - reduces thick callus and toe nails
  • Slim Bit Case

Benefits of dry pedicures: 

  • Better callus reduction and cuticle exfoliation - dry skin exfoliates best
  • Longer wear of polish or gel polish - product adheres best to dry surfaces
  • Safer - no exposure to waterborne pathogens or unsanitary tub

Optimal use at 18-25,000 RPM with an Erica’s ATA electric file. RPM will vary depending on technique, e-file and newness of bit.

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