Podoexpert Shoe And Foot Deodorant Spray

Podoexpert Shoe And Foot Deodorant Spray

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Sanitizing and freshening spray for shoes, feet and sports gear


  • Scientifically-developed formulation targets microbes that cause odors
  • Vigorously sanitizes and freshens feet, shoes and sports equipment in a single, economic formula
  • Revitalizing scent and pleasant cooling action

Additional Details:

  • Effectively targets unpleasant and troublesome shoe & foot odors with a long-lasting effect
  • Fosters a hygienic environment for the feet and shoes
  • Enriched with tea tree oil and menthol for deep sanitizing and cooling actions
  • Ideal for the hygiene and protection of sweaty feet
  • Ideal for athletes, sports equipment, work boots and shoes with poor ventilation 
  • Apply to feet, shoes and sports gear immediately upon removal of footwear and/or equipment
  • Will not harm leather and canvas

Goodbye unpleasant shoe and foot odors!

Available in 100ml spray

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