Turkey - Compact Neon Pigment

Turkey - Compact Neon Pigment

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Turkey - is a compact pigment.

Pigments can be used to create custom gel colors, can be mixed with monomer to create custom acrylic designs, can be applied to the tacky layer of gel or can be rubbed into our Matte Top Coat. 

The possibilities are endless!

Basic application methods:

*Apply your base color of choice and cure.

* Apply 1 layer of Magpie TOP IT OFF or DON'T BE TACKY. Ensure you use a NO                  WIPE top coat.

*    Rub the dry powder into the tacky layer of gel using the Magpie Teal Detailer brush      * Rub the dry powder onto the dry layer of Magpie Velvet Top

*  Mix pigment with Magpie Give Me Strength to create custom color

* Mix pigments into Magpie Plain Jane to create custom pastel colors

* Cap with a layer of Magpie GIVE ME STRENGTH (make sure you seal the free edge) and cure.

* Finish with a layer of your favorite TOP COAT.

Due to the nature of the products we sell, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.