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SAMPLE SET Wanderlust Cuticle Oil

SAMPLE SET Wanderlust Cuticle Oil

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Cuticle oil from WANDERLUST!  Our 12 piece SAMPLE SET, which contains one sample vial of each of our scents. will help you and your guests discover your favorites! 

WHITE BUFFALO: She's an old soul with a kind of spirit that can't be tamed. Sugar glazed ginger, vanilla, white amber, and fruity champagne.

SUN KISSED: Salt in the air sand in your hair smell the warm fruity coconut rise from your sun kissed skin.

MARGARITA: Taste the salt on the rim tequila lime and sunshine sweet and sour lime. 

WILD CHILD: Dances with the stars she has free spirit wild peach poppies and soft vanilla. 

WARRIOR: She is a goddess dominant copper coconut and sweet amber. 

DARLIN': Hello darlin' wild watermelon rowdy mixed fruits and soft vanilla. 

DESERT DREAMER: Take me to the desert cactus blossoms and baja guava colada. 

EXHALE: Breath in that soft spay mint and warm night musk. 

SUMMER LOVE: Every summer has a story you'll never forget fruity golden tones with a soft vanilla mist. 

HULA GIRL: Think tropic getaway exotic island fruits and volcanic sugar citrus. 

BE•YOU•TIFUL: Seductive creamy salted caramel and fruity pistachio. 

MERMAID: Mermaid lagoon underneath the magical moon salty coconut and creamy cotton candy. 

Not only are cuticle oils amazing and nourishing for all things skin, nails and cuticles... but there is something amazing and magical about fragrance.  A single scent had the ability to create an ambiance, bring back childhood memories, calm frazzled nerves and much, much more!! Spa-type scents inflict feelings of relaxation and zen, while nurturing aromas make you fell warm, cozy and safe.  You have the power to whisk clients off to a sandy beach, take them on a tropic vacation or set the holiday mood with WANDERLUST cuticle oil.  It's not just a nail service you offer, it's an experience. @wanderlust.cuticleoil

INGREDIENTS: Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Caster Oil